Simple performance monitoring

  • Plug & Play
  • No software installation, no “virtual probes” or integration project
  • Alerts by email and SMS

What are the real performances of your IT services on remote sites?

At the last management committee, a regional director bursted out: “last week, again, the network was slow in all our agencies, we could hardly work!”. It is hard to argue with such a strong feeling, especially if phone calls were impacted (VoIP). Not the time to tell him that network reports showed nothing abnormal.

This lack of visibility on actual performance transforms users in alarms, or bombs, depending on their temper. But, it also prevents any rational budget approach. How to size infrastructures when one cannot identify saturations?

By the way, there is also the lot of episodic incidents, the poison of relations with remote sites. Anyone hesitates to dispatch a technician: half the time, he finds nothing. And the next day, users complain of a new episode and do not hesitate to say, “you’re never there when there is a problem”.

However memorable a frank failure is when the impact area is large, it is often the sum of all these little but regular annoyances, that asks for a change of suppliers… or a change in management.

What to do?

Generally, servers and datacenters already have monitoring systems. They provide a large number of internal and technical indicators: system status, memory & disk usages, etc. To capture the view of users, you need to supplement these by a external and independent system:


The emergence of the Internet of Things has allowed to imagine a specific solution for monitoring from remote sites, a simple and accessible solution. Because now we can dedicate compact devices to a function such as repeated performance tests.

As DistantSmokes devices are deployed on the very same remote sites, they offer the opportunity to observe IT service performances just like end users, detect slowdowns and alert before it develops as a crisis in the organisation.

The HaaS (hardware as a service) singularity: you do not need anyone to seize the opportunity. No servers to buy or software to install, with configuration of parameters unrelated to your true goal:

At most, DistantSmokes requires access to the Web and recommends associating a mobile phone (not necessarily iOS or Android as the mobile notifications are sent by SMS).

The purpose of this site is therefore: